Saturday, November 7, 2009

General tips pt. 1 (of many?)

- Use 64-bit distributions whenever you can. They're tuned to produce code for modern CPU's (all floating point goes through SSE2 for instance) and there are various 64-bit only assembly optimizations. With the new glibc release, Core i* users will gain SSE4.2-accelerated strcpy/strcmp/etc routines that can be up to 10-12x faster, according to H.J. Lu... but only on x86-64.

- If you have a recent Radeon card and don't need 3D (yet), look at using the free radeon(hd) drivers which have faster 2D and tear-free video playback.

- Don't run more than your RAM can handle. If you have <=512MB of RAM, running OpenOffice and firefox together is generally a bad idea.

- Keep an eye on firefox when running Flash - many flash pages run in the background and suck up all your CPU. In general, firefox tabs can also nom memory. It's probably best to restart firefox occasionally, especially if you have <=1GB of RAM.

- Consider using suspend (or maybe hibernate) when you're done working instead of shutting down.

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